Pastor Daryl and Lady Tanya Young


     Pastor Daryl L. Young is the eldest son of Overseer Eloise L. Young and has worked with his mother in ministry for over 30 years.  At the age of 6 Pastor Young was a musician and learned to play the drums. Soon after he began playing the organ which led to him becoming one of the greatest musicians in the Tri-state area. Pastor Young has traveled the world, ministering through music alongside great men of the gospel such as Bishop Eric McDaniel and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

     Although he is a great and respected musician, the Lord called Pastor Young into another realm of ministry.  Many know him to be a fisherman and as in the natural so also in the Spiritual.  When, he responded with a complete “yes”  immediately God made him a fisher of men. Many have come to hear and witness the mighty way the Lord has used Pastor Young through the preached word and the demonstration of the Spirit.

     Through his unique flow, many have been saved, delivered and set free.  Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Young has been leading Revivals, Prayer Meetings, Tent Services and Biblical Education. In 2012 after years of service and  fervent prayer, the Lord led Overseer Young to place her son as the Pastor of  The Tabernacle of Prayer Revival Center Inc. 

     Pastor Daryl Young continually seeks the will of the Lord through a life dedicated to consecration, fasting and prayer.  His undeniable hunger for souls to be saved and delivered has led him to birth Faith Outreach Ministries. The Outreach

     Ministry is geared toward people who desire to go into the communities and exhibit the love of Jesus Christ. In 2015 through the vision of Pastor Daryl Young, The Tabernacle of Prayer began to have services in Yonkers, NY.  The Yonkers  location has grown tremendously and currently has a faithful following with Weekly Services, Prayer Meetings and Bible Study.

     Through many adversities, Pastor Young adamantly proclaims, “The devil is a liar and we have the Victory!”  Pastor Young is married to the Love of his life, Lady Tanya Young who stands beside him in every aspect of ministry.  Pastor Young is a loving husband, natural father, spiritual father and leader of many.  Along with having the heart of a Shepard, Pastor Young is one of the most accurate Prophets this generation has ever seen.  His humility in his gifting compelled with his love for the souls of people has made the ministry of TOPRC grow exponentially.

      Through the example of Pastor Daryl Young the people of God have been encouraged to live holy, prosperous lives and most of all to develop a sincere relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.